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WEDAPUMP is a manufacturer of lightweight submersible pumps for liquids with solid abrasive components. This complete range includes aluminum pumps with internal lining. This internal rubbing protects the aluminum from wear. The wear-resistant chrome steel impeller is hardened and therefore highly wear-resistant.

The WEDA pumps are often used in the construction, fire department and general industry. The pumps are very reliable and resistant to everyday use.

Pump description:
The WEDA RL pumps are wear-resistant submersible pumps for industrial use, fire departen and in construction sides. The pumps are internally fitted with a rubber lining against wear.

Key features:
Flow rates up to:             1200m³/hr
Heads up to:                     90 mwk
Casing pressure up to:  10 Bar
Temperature:                 -5ºC to +30ºC

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