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Schmalenberger Pumps is specialized as a pump manufacturer in the following industries:
  • Pool industry
  • General industry
  • Shipping
  • Wastewater market

The Schmalenberger pumping program includes almost all types within the centrifugal pumps, for clean to heavily contaminated water.
In the Netherlands, Schmalenberger is the largest supplier of pumps, specially developed for the swimming pool industry (Sswimming pools and wellness). Of these, the Optimo-F and Type F (Waternorm pump with hair catcher) are a clear example. These pumps are standard with a bronze impeller and have very long stand times. For over 20 years Schmalenberger has proven this in practice.

In addition to the swimming pool pumps, Schmalenberger supplies a large range of pumps for the industrial and waste water market. Whether it is a clean-to-pump product or highly polluted product, Schmalenberger has the appropriate pump for this.

Delta Pompen B.V. is an importer of Schmalenberger pumps and parts in the Benelux.

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