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Damage Control Sets
With reference to safety on board and the increasing control of resources to ensure that it is available, a mobile pump system was developed by Delta Pumps.

In the case of a small to medium leakage of water on board, for example in the (or one of the) machine rooms of the ship, the water should be pumped overboard fast and accurate. All of this to prevent damage to the ship, the machines or the propulsion motors. So, Damage Control!

Because most larger ships use divided machine rooms or compartments, which in case of need can be separated using water locks, it is important that the pumps easy to deploy and mobile. It should be used normal aisles, stairways as well as emergency/fire sleeves on board. It is crucial that the pumps are compact, handy but provide enough capacity to meet the required 100 m³/h emergency capacity.

Especially for this purpose Delta Pumps is researched the requirements and possibilities on board larger vessels such as Cruise ships but also on-board Navy ships.

We have been on board of various ships and it turned out the solution was found in putting multiple pumps in series, each of which can give the desired 100 m³/h.

Hitting this requirement, also at larger ships with multiple decks and long hose distances, to the nearest service door that can be opened a high pressure is necessary. This pressure cannot be delivered by a single pump since it would be so big in dimension and weight that it would be impossible to handle in case of an emergency.

Delta pumps developed a special pump combination which exists of:
  • The first stage submersible pump placed in the water. The pump is equipped with a suction strainer to prevent the pump from clogging up by large solids.
  • The booster pump is equipped with a "serial coupling". At this booster pump is the suction strainer is replaced by a coupling with Storz connector developed specifically for this purpose. Because the Weda pumps are equipped with a water proof cooling jacket, in which the water flows along the motor providing cooling to the electric motor, the second pump may be placed dry and horizontally in a room, stairwell or hallway.
  • The two pumps are coupled to each other using a flat fire hose that can withstand sea water, UV and even fuel and oil. After the second pump comes back the same kind of hose that than to the nearest open door or porthole. By placing the two pumps in series each pump 100 m³/h at 17 m head the total discharge pressure reaches 34 meters! These 34 metres of pressure is enough, even for the largest cruise ships, to pump the required 100 m³/h from the engine room to the first open deck with the life rafts! The total length of hose is 100 meters.
  • Because no one wants to experience an emergency, but the pumps must be mobile, the pumps are mounted on stainless steel trollies developed specifically for this purpose. The pumps have a look that glands in with the exclusivity of the ship and will not alert an unsuspecting passenger.
  • Of course, it is also possible to get the pumps for marine ships without the luxury trolley.
  • All pumps are equipped with 20-meter cable and a motor protection with start/stop switch. The pumps are available with different motors and windings from 230 V up to 690V and available for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz frequency.

The WEDA Damage control pumps are mandatory equipment at the biggest cruise ships and Navy vessels. For applications on board Navy ships it is very important to know the WEDA pumps come with a NATO STOCK NUMBER as required for Navy applications.
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