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vMAX™ line of vertical cantilever hard metal pumps has been developed for conventional clean up sump duties and process duties that require reduced degradation of pumped solids.
The casing is configured for bottom suction only to prevent build up of solids in the bottom of the sump. Leakage from the back of the casing, through the life of the pump, is prevented by high performance expelling vanes on the back shroud of the impeller.
The suction entry is flared to promote pre-rotation of the slurry prior to entry into the pump and scours the floor of the sump to keep it clean.

vMAXTM vertical cantilever sump pump design and operational criteria
  • Cantilever design has no stuffing box seal, no submerged bearings.
  • Available in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” sizes for setting depths of 1.4m, 1.8m, 2.1m without submerged bearings.
  • Rigid 1040 steel shaft with large bearing span to reduce shaft deflection and bearing loads.
  • 27% chrome iron wear parts with 680 BHN minimum hardness.
  • Casing has integral discharge elbow to reduce localized wear.

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Induced flow 8-vane impeller is recessed out of casing flow path to pass extra large solids, rags and fibrous materials. Separate suction wear plate with flared suction entry for reduced hydraulic entry loss.

Oversized suction strainer to permit large solids passing and to prevent blinding by plastic or rags. Will operate without automatic level controls, due to recessed impeller that will not be impacted by return rush of slurry. No impeller adjustment required. Oversize diameter expelling vanes on back shroud of the impeller prevent leakage to atmosphere.

Drive end bearing is fixed clearance twin Timken taper roller for axial thrust and impeller end bearing is parallel roller for radial thrust.

Grease lubricated bearings. Integral mounting plate for supporting pump above sump. Steel discharge pipe extends above liquid level and is fixed to the mounting plate for access to customer piping.

Adjustable motor mount integral to power frame assembly with v-belt drive tension adjustment capability. Lifting yoke provided for crane hook suspension over sump.  

vMAX ™ vertical cantilever sump pumps are designed for continuous abrasive slurry service in sumps without the need for sump level control or submerged bearings. The following are all of our vMAX design features.

  • Reliable continuous operation when slurry is available
  • No shaft deflection during loss of prime due to run back of slurry down discharge pipe
  • No impeller adjustments required
  • No water flush
  • No shutdown due to clogging
  • No sump level controls
  • Less downtime
  • Simple maintenance


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