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Design Criteria
  • Metal impeller is standard.
  • Design is suitable for molded rubber at a later date.
  • The casing is constructed of tough spheroidal graphite iron. Casing and suction inlet are lined with natural rubber.
  • Impeller and other wet-end components constructed of highly abrasion-resistant high-chrome white iron with a Brinell hardness of 680 to 720.
  • High-chrome impeller is resistant to “tramp” metals and is capable of higher tip speeds.
  • Radial impeller vanes both “clear” solids and reduce pressure at suction-side clearance - reducing solids grinding and recirculation respectively.
  • Tight back liner clearance maximizes packing and shaft sleeve life -normally this clearance is opened up as impeller wears and needs adjusting.
  • Reverse taper roller bearings purge grease to the outside – preventing ingress of slurry and over-greasing of bearing cartridge.
  • Tight clearance between wear ring and impeller reduces suction-side slurry recirculation by up to 95%.Pumps feature a patented, adjustable, suction-side, sealing system that features a wear ring that runs against the machined face of the impeller near the eye.
  • Wear ring can be adjusted up to eight times throughout the life of the wet-end parts and is adjusted while the pump is running.
  • Generous clearance between impeller and suction liner limit the cyclical wear of the rubber associated with the trapping of solids between the liner and the impeller. This also prevents hysteresis.

Patented Design Feature
Following the dramatic success of the millMAX ™ metal slurry pump, FLSmidth Krebs has incorporated the patented features into a new slurryMAX ™ rubber lined pump product range. The patented feature has an externally adjustable wear ring that closes the suction side impeller clearance between the suction liner and the eye of the impeller. This clearance eliminates the problem conventional rubber lined pumps experience - that of pressure pulsations caused by the close proximity of the rotating raised expelling vanes to the suction liner, necessary to maintain flow, and subsequently generating heat in the liner and rubber devulcanization failure. The ability to control the suction side clearance reduces the hydraulic recirculation and therefore contributes to maintaining the design flow over the life of the pump, increasing the life of the impeller. The extra-thick rubber lining has rigid reinforcement to prevent collapse onto the rotating impeller under upset vacuum conditions. Impellers are oversized in diameter and available in metal or elastomers. High pressure casings are available for applications requiring multiple pumps in series. Pump sizes are available from 2” (50mm) to 16” (400mm).

Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increased Wear Life
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • On-line Wear Clearance Adjustment
  • Increased Mill Throughput
  • More Consistent Hydrocyclone Separation
  • Less Downtime
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