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Nakakin AMXN serie
Hygienic Lobe Pumps

Nakakin's lobe pumps are equipped with so-called saddle lobs, which reduces internal losses, reduces wear and less damage to the product that will be pumped.
The Nakakin AMXN lobe pumps are available in various sizes, designs and options.

Nakakin's lobe pumps are commonly used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry.

Flow rates up to:  28 m3/h
Viscosity up to :    300.000 mPas
Connection:            1 1/2" tot 3"

Features and benefits
Smallest gap: The special alloy ensures the smallest gap between the rotors and the housing.
  • Constant transport
  • Self-suction
  • Transport of all types of viscosities

Extremely hygienic
Easy to assemble/ disassemble. Fully clean and sterilize with CIP / SIP processes. Standard: 95 ° C, maximum temperature: 150 ° C

Special Features of the AMXN Series:
The aseptic lobe pump isolates the product completely from the atmosphere to keep the product free from germs.

Double seal and steam barrier
The dual sealing system and the steam barrier allow steam to be pumped into the pump. This prevents any contamination of the inside of the pump with airborne germs or the like. Sterilization fluid: sterile water and steam

CIP-JET function
The rooms and channels in the housing and lid allow self-cleaning, which creates a highly efficient cleaning process.

Maximum Pressure Pressure: 0.7 MPa = 7 bar
Vertical and horizontal fluid flow available
Double and single rotor blades available
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