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Vertical Volute Pumps

Key features:
Flow rate up to:  180,000 m³/h
Head up to:          40 m (concrete volute)or  up to 250 m (metal volute)
Power up to:        30,000 kW (concrete volute) up to 50,000 kW (metal volute)

Design: Metal or concrete volute with or without guide vane mechanism

Special benefits: The hydraulic dimensioning and design of the volute casing depends on the specific output characteristics. Optimum flow is achieved in the volute thanks to its individual shaping, thus also achieving a high level of efficiency.

Materials: Cast iron, non-alloy and low-alloy steels, duplex and super duplex

Impeller design: Radial, semi-axial

Applications: Water, thermal power stations, other industries
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