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Standard Centrifugal

Pump Size: 1.5–30 inches / 40–760 mm
Max Head:   700 feet / 210 meters
Max Flow:   20-44,000 USgpm / 4-10000 m³/h

Pioneer standard centrifugal pumps provide superior performance in a variety of applications. The large impeller eyes deliver lower NPSHr and improved vapor-handling capabilities, making them ideal for industrial, municipal, agricultural, mining, paper mills, and oil and gas applications.

  • Minimize maintenance costs: Replaceable wear rings, oversized bearings and shaft keep the pumps running optimally.
  • Reduce overhead costs:The modular design helps keep your on-hand parts inventory low.
  • Reduce operating costs: Our industry-leading, high-performance impeller design provides more flow with less horsepower for lower operating costs.
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