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Andritz S Pump

Pump description:
The S pump has been developed as a basis for the paper industry, such as dust pump, white water pump and powder pump. The pump is equipped with a fully open impeller mounted between two wear plates, to protect the pump housing. The bearing seat/ pump shaft construction is highly developed to absorb large forces. The composition of the material of this pump is made of wear-resistant duplex material.

S Pump: Pump with separate bearing seat, spacer coupling and IEC motor (mounted on same base plate.)

Key features:
Flow rates up to:                4.000 m³/hr
Heads up to:                        140 m
Casing pressure up to:   16 Bar
Temperature:                   -20ºC to +140ºC
According to :                    Process design

The impeller and wear plates are standard delivered in duplex (1.4460). The pump housing is available in cast iron, as well as in duplex 1.4460. For highly abrasive liquids we have the ability to perform the entire pump in superduplex 1.4517 material. We can even cure this material for an even higher wear resistance.

A fully open impeller, with three or six blades. The impeller is placed between two stationary wear plates to protect the pump housing.

Shaft Seal:
The pump shaft seal is made with a single mechanical seal following DIN24960 or a double mechanical seal (tandem arrangement). The composition of materials are able to put together by customer specifications. An expeller shaft seal is also possible.

Standard B3 IEC engine can be supplied from any brand. ATEX engines are also possible.

You can find the S pumps in many applications where clean to heavily contaminated liquids must be pumped. Especially in paper factories, this pump is widely used, but also for seawater transport and applications in the general industry.

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