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NESK - Vertical Shaft Centrifugal Pumps

This range of pumps is designed to circulate medium to large volumes so of corrosive liquid through heat exchangers or to supply low pressure liquid surface treatment or washing systems.

NESK pumps are efficient, silent, reliable and require limited preventive maintenance. These characteristics result from specific designing choices as:
  • Low speed of the liquid pumped because of large internal volume of casing and connections.
  • Rotational speed of the impeller limited to 1450 rpm/min.
  • Single mechanical seals or flushed double mechanical seals.

Vertical design makes NESK pumps versatile and easy to install because of compact dimension and limited vertical section. Self centring flanges eliminate the need to manually align coupling parts and ease routine maintenance as repair operation. Vertical installation above the ground limits the exposure of the pump to dust and accidental splashes of industrial liquid preserving it from
premature corrosion.

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