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KGK - Heavy Duty Vertical Pumps

The KGK series Argal pumps are centrifugal and designed for vertical installations. They have column and volute casing submerged, own mechanical support and motor mounted.

above the liquid to be pumped. No metal part comes into contact with the fluid and not any bolts or nuts are submerged in the liquid. Un- der normal operating conditions, no mechanical sealing systems to prevent leaks of liquid are required while optional vapour seals are foreseen. Designed to pump corrosive chemicals have been engineered down to the smallest details to ensure long operating life and efficiency.

Great care was paid to the KGK pumps right from the design board to ease maintenance and corrective operations for the repair crews internal or external to the companies served and for our worldwide net of distributors.

The range of KGK pumps foresee three size ranges owing to differ- ent mechanical and hydraulic structure and the main parts subject to maintenance are the same for all the pumps belonging to each dimensional group.
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