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Andritz HDM Submersible Pump

Well Ø from 20" upwards
Flow rate up to 6,000 m³/h
Head up to 1,500 m
Pressure up to 150 bar
Temperature up to 75° C

Design: Multi-stage, double-flow submersible motor pumps

Media: Clean, slightly contaminated, and abrasive raw, clean, mineral, sea, industrial, mine, and cooling water

Special benefits: No axial thrust, double-flow design for long service life and high reliability; maintenance-free

Materials: Cast iron, bronze, aluminum-bronze, stainless steel

Impeller design: Radial impeller

Applications: Other industries, water, mining

HDM – The solution
Two pumps are arranged one above the other, running in counter direction and driven by a continuous pump shaft. Splitting the workload between both pumps ensures complete axial thrust balancing and thus contributes towards solving the problems of force effects on the unit and loads on the thrust bearings; at the same time, the flow and suction speed outside the pump is halved. Thus, well walls are protected around the suction areas, and the intake of abrasive particles is minimized.

The result In addition to technical benefits – HDM offers complete balancing of the axial thrust, flow speeds halved, and smaller impeller crosssections – there are also economic benefits:
maximum operating reliability, minimal wear, and long service life, which can often be more than 20 years. In combination with ANDRITZ high-performance submersible motors, the result is a complete technical solution.

Custom solutions
Each ANDRITZ submersible pump with HDM technology is customized. It is individually configured to meet your requirements.
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