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Feluwa Ecotrans Multisafe
The unique, patented MULTISAFE® technology with the hermetically sealed redundant double hose-diaphragms ensures double safety for transportation of critical and environmentally hazardous fluids.
Two hose-diaphragms, arranged one inside the other, are fixed in the pump head. These hose-diaphragms enclose the medium ensuring double separation of the hydraulic drive end.

Pressure: up to 500 bar
Flow rates: up to 1,000 m³/h
Driving power:up to 5,000 kW

High operating safety: The conveyed fluid is not in contact with the pump casing.
Should one of the hose-diaphragms leak, the second one ensures that pump operation can still be continued until the system allows for shutdown and repair.

Unique diagnostic system: Permanent condition monitoring of essential items such as check valves and hose-diaphragm.

Innovative pump design: Absolutely safe against excess-pressure, vacuum and unfavourable suction conditions.
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